Thank you for visiting the American Combat Sports League website!  

Our mission, as a League organization, is to foster the training and competition of Combat Sports in the United States.  

It is adherence to the roots of Combat Sports that will keep the ACSL strong throughout times of both growth and turbulence.  Our Objective is to provide a solid foundation and support system for our members, in the form of Tournaments, Competition Events, Training Seminars, access to national resources, and a strong united community of Combat Sport Athletes and Trainers 

We welcome the input and feedback of our members as we continually grow and adapt to the changing face of our times.   

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly. 

We currently Host 1 Grappling Tournament and 1 to 2 Continuous Karate Fighting (formerly known as Semi-Contact Kickboxing) Events Per year.

1012 HWY 80 East Demopolis, Alabama 36732   334-289-9775 - President Ronda Russell 

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